Conan Exiles Previews are in! Новости

Conan Exiles Previews are in!
Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well and that Spring has welcomed you with flowers and warmth. As we near launch (less than a month away!) we are getting closer and closer to completing a build for release. Our current internal build contains so much to look forward to and content we’re excited for everyone to play including the Swamp and Volcano biome, new combat, the new avatar Derketo, the Purge mechanic, fast travel, and a ton of new weapons, armor, and items.

Recently, we opened our doors to journalists from all over for an exclusive look and first-hand experience of a recent development build, to give them a taste of what’s to come. Joel presented to them what’s going to be new for the launch version of the game, and they also had the opportunity to spend a few hours playing the latest build with each other and with some of our devs. Additionally, we had the pleasure of welcoming press at GDC, where we showed off this build for them to play on as well.

Check out below for some of their preview articles!


“The build of Conan Exiles I played this week felt like a big improvement over the first Early Access version I played last year. So much has been added and adjusted based on player feedback, and the combat especially feels stronger and more fluid.”


“…I very much like the new god that will be introduced at launch. Her altar is really cool, with the goddess flanked by two giant cat statues. I have to build one! ”


“I got to play around with the new system over at GDC last week, and the changes made to the game make it a bit more slick and a decent deal more fun. Which is ideal for a game as massive and grindy as Conan.”


“When the final version releases in May, players can expect several noticeable gameplay improvements across the board. The first major addition worth mentioning is a revamped combat system that is more fluid and reminiscent of how you would fight in Dark Souls.”


“I was also shown the perk system, which has also been drastically changed in the new update. By leveling up certain attributes, you unlock perks which can completely change your style of play.”








Conan Exiles is available internationally and is accessible in 11 different languages. Soon to be 12, as Italian is being added at launch! We’re happy to say we’ve had coverage and press come from around the globe and shared outside of the English language.








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That’s what the press had to say, but we also can’t wait to hear from all our players on your experience with this new content at launch on May 8th. The countdown has started! ????