Friday dev stream on December 8th Новости

Friday dev stream on December 8th
It's that time again: Time to announce the next developer stream!

We're doing another stream on Friday, but we'll be starting a bit earlier this time around. This is because we're having a studio-wide Christmas dinner that afternoon at 4pm, which eats up our streaming time.

So on Friday the stream will start at 3pm CET / 9am EST / 6am PST on our Twitch channel.[]

Joel and I will be there to talk about the new Riddle of Steel mechanic and show off some new weapons and outfits. You might also get a glance at war paint.

We know this will be a bit early for some of you over in the US, but we hope you'll find the time to join us nonetheless. If not the archived version will still be available on YouTube.